Thursday, January 19, 2012

floodage & tonys 27th

Not to talk about weather for this entire week or anything, because that would be super annoying, but... Snow turned in to rain, lots of rain, lots and lots of rain, and melting snow all of which has lead to floooooding! Parts of Corvallis are being evacuated, perhaps a bit extreme, but I have to say I was surprised when I went over the bridge in to Southtown and found out why traffic was moving at a snails pace. The street is turning into a river... Mary's River to be exact. Getting to work tomorrow might be a little tricky.

Update: Roads are closed. We are officially trapped at our house.

[[ southtown corvallis at 5. ]]

Ok, next topic. Today is our old roomate, and one of Pat's best friends Tony's birthday!! Don't worry Tony, you are one of my best friends too. Happy Birthday!! As long as this weather business calms itself down we will be seeing you this weekend for some festivities. (If you don't know why it says tuna can instead of Tony, you never will).

[[ old picture of tony awesomified by me. ]]