Tuesday, November 22, 2011

broken laptop

Sorry for the silence, but when I got to work yesterday morning and opened up my laptop, per usual, the screen did not turn on. Nothing has changed in that regard thus far, so it looks like I have to take my poor little laptop to the doctor, and I hope can even be fixed (on the cheap). I have been reading about some screen issues on older MacBookPro models, and mine seems to fit all of the symptoms, so I hope that it is within the time frame for the free imaging chip replacement program. I will be taking it to an Apple store up in Portland Friday to find out (*fingers crossed*).

I hate to even utter the word replacement since this baby put me through college, established my identity as a freelance designer, and even kept up with me for few extra years, but it may be about time...

This is what I am working with right now...
My laptop and a monitor borrowed from work. Sweeeeeeeet.

[[ broken laptop. ]]