Tuesday, November 29, 2011

broken laptop part II

Hello again, I promise I have not been ignoring you on purpose.

Unfortunately things have not improved in regards to my computer around here. I went to the Apple store Friday afternoon and my trip did not go like I was hoping. They told me that the entire LCD display would need to be replaced and quoted me a $310 charge, (assuming nothing else was found wrong in which case the price would go up). I reluctantly agreed, signed some papers, and left my computer with one of the employees. While driving back to Corvallis, I called Pat to discuss, and based on the fact that my computer is five years old and my pretty much dead battery also needs to be replaced, (another $125), we decided that the best thing to do is to buy a new MacbookPro instead of putting more money in to this one. Thanks to mi familia and the little neighbor girl I was able to get my computer back today after work, but I am right back to where I was last week... laptop and external screen. Again, not ideal.

So it looks like before the week is up I will be making a very large purchase I was not expecting. Though I am sad to give up on my current digs, it will be nice to have a brand new shiny computer that can actually keep up with me. Still... sad face.

[[ sad face. critical condition. ]]

I will try to get back to normal blogging this week, I have a lot of little adventures to share.