Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the fairest of them all

I just stumbled across images from the untitled Snow White movie, which does not come out until March 2012, and realized that it is being closely followed by another adaptation called Snow White and The Huntsman, said to release the following month.

I suppose you could say that I am a sucker for classic fairytales, especially when they are remastered with a new take, especially a darker one. These films seem to be no exception. The "Huntsman" version (with Kristen Stewart, Ian McShane, and Charlize Theron) seems to be quite a bit darker and with a different story line, where the "untitled" (with Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, and Nathan Lane) version takes on a more colorful whimsical approach with elaborate costuming and set design.

Both have some good actors on board and look interesting, though I must say that I am not convinced Kristen Stewart can really handle a role where she is required to do much more than look gloomy and confused... (sorry, I am not much of a Twilight fan). Though to be fair, I do not know much about the other "princess" either aside from the fact that she is Phil Collins daughter.

Either way, I am excited to see some trailers and learn more about these two.

Check out a few images I found from around the web:

Untitled Snow White Project
(images from this article & IMDB)

Snow White and The Huntsman
(images from IMDB)