Thursday, September 1, 2011

this week in pictures

I was trying to get my 30 Before 30 post done for tonight, but it is taking a while to gather all of my thoughts, so I will either save it for tomorrow, or Monday. Instead, I am going to post some random pictures from my week so far.

[[ finishing up my ice cream. brad getting ready for football season? me getting ready for football season. sometimes i wear glasses. walking around on campus. my sexy car. my current reading. its a sin to kill a mockingbird. reflections & outfit. ]]

One crazy thing about this week was walking through campus when I met Pat in the MU for lunch... I am hardly around anymore, and it is so surreal being by Fairbanks (The Art building) where I spent all of my waking hours not so long ago. I half expected my GD friends to pop out around the corner while we were eating to talk about our current project. Sometimes I miss design class. :) BUT I am kinda excited for the first football game of the year this Saturday, which I will be working at for a little extra spending money.  Despite the long hours it is always a good time.