Friday, September 2, 2011


Whoa. How is it September already?! I feel like I just noticed that the sun was staying out later, and now that is simply not the case. By the time I get home the backyard is covered in shade, also, there are some leaves starting to fall already around here (NOOOO!). Anyway, enough of that. The summer is indeed fleeting, but I know we have a few really nice days left, like this weekend for example. Tomorrow is the first football game of the year, and since I live in a college town, this is a big deal. Enter tailgating. I actually work at every football game for a little bit of extra cash flow, but I still enjoy being a part of the action and am kinda pumped myself. Plus, my dad is coming down for the game and he has my proposal ring (which has been out getting sized). Kinda missed it.

Time for some polish action. I hope that you get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend, and remember Monday is Labor Day around here so no work, and no post until Tuesday. Yay for two Saturdays!

[[ playing around with a new combo, not sure how i feel about it (gray area - sally hansen + live on stage - la girl). feather headband. ]]