Wednesday, August 31, 2011

midweek inspiration 19 :: a new obsession?

This week I am not really talking about one inspiration, but rather the organized chaos that is Pintrest. I joined recently so that I would have a place to store my inspirational findings with out filling up my computer or making a mess out of my desktop. I had no idea at the time how addicting it would be! There are so many amazing boards to discover and follow and I feel completely overwhelmed at how much beautiful imagery there is out there (but in a good way, if that makes any sense). I could not have come in to this at a better time either. Being recently engaged, this is the PERFECT way to organize any wedding related inspiration that I want to hold on to, complete with the ability to link back to original content so that no DIY or vendor is ever forgotten. This will be especially helpful since we are not beginning the planning process quite yet.

I might have to switch up my midweek inspirations a bit to include my fave Pintrest items of the week, or start a new feature or something... there are too many good ones I will want to talk about!

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