Tuesday, August 30, 2011

weekend adventures 39

Well everyone, I am FINALLY back to my regular blogging format after almost two months of New York and backtracking posts. It feels good, though I had a lot of fun working on those features and hope to do more of that type of thing in the future. 

Last weekend was spent with Pat and my best friend Megan (per usual), but this time in Corvallis. (It was also Megans first time seeing our new place). The weather was gorgeous! Sunny and hot! I even got to spend a little bit of time outdoors on Saturday afternoon. Sunday was spent at my moms place where we had a little "August Birthdays" BBQ, a yearly tradition because between me, my little sister, and my step dads family, there are several.

friday night
Megan left Portland pretty late, so by the time she got into town, me and Pat were over at Murphey's eating some dinner. (It was way too hot to cook anything). She gave me my birthday present which was a sweet canvas backpack I saw a few weekends ago and fell in love with. Now we just need to go on some little trips or day adventures so that I have a valid reason for using it. I have not actually used a backpack since probably my Freshmen year of high school. She also showed up with a box with some desserts in it, chocolate covered strawberries, and a very mutilated cupcake that tipped over during the drive. It was really funny opening the box to see pink frosting everywhere and a muffin essentially. It still tasted good!

[[ my backpack. cupcake box. ]]

We got up slowly, very very slowly, and it felt great! After some breakfast, complete with fresh squeezed orange juice, and a movie, us girls went out to run some errands while Pat busied himself with misc. home improvement projects.

I wanted to get my little sister something special for her birthday other than clothing, so we headed to one of the local antique stores so that I could search for a nice colored glass candy dish for her. I love to collect these and store my jewelry and other misc. items in them! I now have five and no chance of stopping anytime soon. I found the most beautiful blue glass rounded dish complete with lid and stem, so I scooped it up for the little one. There was the prettiest little teacup and saucer there that I did not purchase but am dying to pick up asap. I hope it is still there the next time I go! Antique stores can get me in to a lot of trouble with all their lovely little trinkets.

After a quick pitstop at 7/11 to grab Pat a slurpie, we posted up with lawn chairs in the backyard to do a little sunbathing. I do not think I got much sun, but it felt great to sit outside in the heat planning out our future tattoos. (One of my favorite subjects).

[[ blue vase top left is the one i bought for my little, i forgot to take a picture of it. amazing glassware! the teacup i must own. flower tin. sunbathing in the bright backyard. scenery. ]] 

saturday night
Our old roomate Adam, who recently became a daddy to twins (a boy and a girl), was having a BBQ for  Mama Robin's birthday so we went over to our old house for a while. It was totally weird hanging out at the home that we lived in for four years, and seeing none of our stuff in it. I am sure we will be over there more when school starts and Pats little brother is back, but it will still feel very strange. Hayden even moved in to the master which was me and Pats old room.

The food was delicious. Grilled chicken, pasta salad, real salad, bread, brownies, etc... This was also my first time seeing the babies and boy were they tiny! They were over a month premature, so they are just getting to newborn size. Adam made me hold baby Tyler, which freaked me out a little bit admittedly, but Pat was totally fine with him in his arms. Newborns just seem so breakable when you have never had one of your own! Nice to meet you babies Tyler and Brynn!

After a while we said goodnight and headed home for another movie and some silliness.

[[ pat holding tyler. ]]

Me and Megan lazed around for a while looking at wedding inspirations and laying in my bed while Pats played some video games. Before parting ways we all went on a little longboard ride together. My goal is to get a lot faster, but it was a lot of fun. I seriously love my new toy and take it out as much as I can after work.

[[ longboard ride! ]]

After the ride we got ready, said goodbye, and headed to Tigard for my moms house and a birthday BBQ. It is always really good to see my grandparents and chat with some family I do not get to see very often. We had a delicious dinner, and I had way too many snacks! Everyone on Dean's side of the family knows how to make this dip called Chili Cheese Dip which is just terrible for you but oh so good. After dinner we exchanged gifts. I think my little sister liked her present, I sure hope so because I loved it, and she typically likes everything I like (aside from food and music). For my mom whos birthday was in July, me and Pat composed a little frame of some pictures we took in NYC right after we got engaged. I thought that an appropriate mother gift. She got me and Pat a SodaStream, which is something I have really wanted since I first tried it at her place over a year ago. Now we can make our own sodas and tonics! Less waste without all the plastic bottles, and much more cost effective. After that it was ice cream, cake, goodbyes, a long drive home, and sleepy time.

[[ meagan being silly. me. bday cake. mom and grandpa. ]]

[[ my awesome wrapping jobs. ]]