Tuesday, August 9, 2011

weekend adventures 35 :: cabin adventure

Alright, now it is time to start backtracking on all of the events that were going on here, while I was busy cataloging NYC. First off is my cabin adventure from the first weekend back.

7/15 - 7/17

friday night
Right when we returned from New York, Pat had a series of business trips which meant that he was gone all week, and home on the weekend (two weeks in a row). He left for Boston Sunday morning (they day after we got back home from our trip) and did not return until late Thursday night. I had missed Pat a ton all week while he was gone, so I was super excited to get home from work and spend the night together! We just relaxed, and it was perfect.

I had made plans a long time ago to go to my friend Colleen's family cabin up in Washington for Morgan's birthday party, and to see my friend Francisco who was visiting from L.A. I had not seen him since February at Tiff's wedding, so though I sort of wanted to stay home and relax with Pat (admittedly), I took off Saturday morning to head over to the cabin. Or rather, my intention was to leave Saturday morning, but that quickly turned in to the afternoon.

It took me a while, but I finally made it up to Beaverton, hopped in Tiffany's car, and after a few misadventures and trips to the grocery store, we were off to the cabin. It was seriously in the middle of nowhere, we did not even have cell service! Half the time we had no idea where we were going or if we were even going the right way. I was a little bit discouraged when there was a sign posted informing us that gas was not for like 600 miles or something along those lines... but eventually we saw a sign for the camp ground. Luckily we recognized someone from the party, because I think otherwise we would have never found the actual cabin.

We walked down to the water to say hi to everyone and then promptly made drinks and started the festivities. Scary stories, the lake, drinks, food, lots of games, and lots of friends. It was great to see everyone all at once, and not a bad evening. I will let the pictures do the talking.

[[ silly cabin party pictures. ]]

We all got up in the morning, said goodbye, and me and Tiff headed out. It was a long drive home, and I could not get there fast enough! I am happy that Tiff took the first leg of the trip, because I was super exhausted. When I finally made it home, I hoped in the shower, changed, and then me, Pat, and Tony went to dinner at Block 15 (as usual) and then headed over to the movie theatre to see the last Harry Potter film. I have to say, it was a bit different then I would have expected... I did not really like how they did the fight at the end... but I will have to watch it at least once more in sequence with Part I before I can make my final decision on the matter.