Monday, August 8, 2011

birthday love !

Before I even get in to anything else this week, I am going to throw down some Birthday love! While I was posting about NYC it was my friend Francisco's 24th birthday, My buddies Ricky and Morgan also have July BDays, last weekend was my best friend Megan Guenther's 25th birthday, and today is my little baby sister Meagan's 17th birthday! (I cannot even believe that one)...

To My Littlest and Only Really Real Little Sister Meagan Paige (8/8): I seriously cannot believe that you are 17 right now, just got your license, and are going to be a senior in high school next year??!! WHAT??!! It is seriously so hard to believe. You have really grown up to be a beautiful and caring person and I am super proud of you. You drove me crazy when I was little, always following me around... but now I love it when I get to see you and hang out. We is silly. Love you! 

To MeGuenther (7/31): You are my bestest and most loyal friend. We have been getting into trouble since high school and I do not even know what in the world I would do without you! I hope you enjoyed your post birthday kidnapping by me and Pat. Now then, time to start planning an awesome joint party. Ready? Go! Oh yea, I love you! ...almost as much as I love BUTTA. 

To Francisco (7/11): HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am glad I got to see you while you were in town, even if it was only for one night. (Thanks for bringing the muscle by the way). I swear one of these days I will actually be able to come visit you in L.A. Tell Hank Moody I say hi the next time you see him. I know you two are gym buddies now. 

Morgan & Ricky also had birthdays in July (7/20) & (7/24), so Happy Birthday guys! I am glad I got to see you both at the cabin while Fran was here. We all need to plan something again soon. Deal? Ok deal.