Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new york new york :: part 5-1
the met (egyptian art)

Oh man. It was really tough to go through all of these, there were hundreds. I will be finishing up our pictures from the various areas of the Metropolitan Museum of Art throughout the rest of the week, but am starting off with our first stop, Egypt. (For those of you who do not already know, Pat is big on Egyptian history and had been super excited about this for a long time). Warning: There are a TON of images. About 70... They are primarily in chronological order as they were already organized into different rules and periods by the museum. You may see a few overlaps, but we start out with the most ancient and work our way to the Roman influence in the end. (Also, most of these are a bit dark because as always, no flashes are allowed in these types of museums).

Both me and Pat were seriously overwhelmed by the amounts of items on display. I never imagined to be experiencing so much all at once. The enormous sizing of some of the statues pictured were really amazing, as well as the detail in tiny pieces of jewelry! The Egyptians were seriously masters of all craft. I think I could spend a week here.

Life lessons: wear comfortable shoes, all of the floors are marble, make sure you bring a large memory card with you, and eat first(!!) you will be spending several hours inside.

[[ all pictures take by me and pat at the met, nyc. ]]