Wednesday, July 20, 2011

new york new york :: part 5-2
the met (arms/armor) +
(european sculpture/decorative arts)

After running around through the vast Egyptian section of the museum (for over two hours), we randomly stumbled into the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts section and could not help but spend a lot of time there. The interiors are truly amazing! So intricate and enormous!! I would love to go in to a castle that actually has the early decor in tact and in place, it all makes you feel so grand and fancy. Eventually we wound up in a large sunlit room with sculptures everywhere. I love the one with Medusa's head, it is amazingly detailed, and everything is life size at least, if not larger. Again, the intricacies are amazing. (some of the photos have a lot of yellow tones to them due to the lighting and many gold room accents... sort of unavoidable after the fact). 

[[ all photos taken by me and pat at the met, nyc. p.s. we love taking mirror pictures. ]]

Next we found ourself in a large open room with "knights" in full armor on their horses. We explored dark little corridors to reveal more ancient armor and arms from Rome, France, England, and Japan, to name a few.

[[ all photos taken by me and pat at the met, nyc. ]]