Wednesday, November 5, 2014

my week in pictures 76

monday 10/27 - sunday 11/2

Last week was an awesome one! On Tuesday me and Pat went to look at yet another potential wedding venue... and guess what? We finally found a new one! (More on that in another post). Other than that, during the week I worked on out costumes, and enjoyed some crisp fall weather.

Friday night Pat decided to decorate the house, grab some candy, and hand it out to trick-or-treaters again, and then we wandered through the neighborhood a little bit to check out other people's set ups before watching some Halloween favorites.

On Saturday we slept in, packed our stuff, and then headed to Portland to surprise our friends at their party. After our foggy/rainy drive we met up with Brad, Alia, and their baby girl Henley for some dinner at Che, and then checked in to our hotel to get ready. The party itself felt like college again, and I loved surprising everyone! I have a lot more pictures which I will throw up here tomorrow.

Sunday morning we headed to Alberta to grab breakfast at Pine State Biscuits with Tony and Alex before making a quick stop at the Nike Employee store, and then heading back over the pass for home. Another super short trip (which seems like all we have time for these days), but it was well worth it.

[[ a preview of our venue. fall goodies. finishing up my costume. pretty accidental gold leaves. date night at 10 below (i always have to take these pics). red sky on halloween night. skeleton socks. our cute little decorations. the neighbors scary/awesome house. heading to portland: our side of the pass, their side of the pass. the view from our hotel room. dinner with henley. a preview of our costumes. sunday morning. brunch at pine state biscuits. nom nom nom. ]]