Friday, April 25, 2014

my week in pictures 49

monday 4/14 - sunday 4/20

Work was pretty crazy last week, but we managed to go out a few nights. I even got my taxes submitted in time, phew.

On Tuesday it was Tiff's bday, happy bday Tiff! I wish I could have been there over the weekend to celebrate with you!

We also started wedding venue hunting again and went and looked at two places I had found, one a vacation rental and one a historical cabin owned by the Forest Service. The rental was admittedly not as good as it looked online, and although I really did like the cabin and its setting, it was about as rustic as you could possibly get. The woodsy and somewhat unkempt nature didn't bother me, but we thought the location was a little too remote for our guests, and of course, offered no lodging. So the hunt continues. One of these days I will actually do a full post about the perfect venue that we found and lost last summer.

After looking at the lodge we decided to head to Tumalo Falls to hike around since it was so close by, but we got rained out about half way through. That Spring sunshine and those warm temperatures we had the week before had definitely gone away.

[[ fancy/casual. drinks at astro. wall art. hbd tiff tbt. dinner at bbc. fancyish dinner somewhere in sunriver. venue hunting (i swear it was a little rougher around the edges than it looks in these pics). beautiful tumalo falls. hiking around. the rocks i collected on our adventures. ]]