Thursday, April 17, 2014

my week in pictures 48

monday 4/7 - sunday 4/13

Last week we got our first glimpses of warmer weather and sunshine. I was super grateful and spent as much time outside as possible, which meant lots of reading and relaxing on the hammock. We even had our first BBQ of the season! On April first I also started this intense (for me anyway) Pilates workout regiment which requires me to workout six days a week for about an hour of strength training and cardio... think lots of burpees... Only time will tell if this yields any lasting appearance effects, but I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. 

[[ reading outside. dinner and drinks at worthy. gorgeous sunset. my crazy workout regiment. yummy dinner. spring at eagle crest. the first flowers of the year. 10 barrel. sunday bbq. my swing! ]]