Friday, January 17, 2014

seattle part 3

sunday (4/21) :: day 4
This was our final day of the trip, so when we got up in the morning we had to pack up, check out of our hotel, and load up the car before we could hunt for breakfast. We left the car in the parking garage, walked down toward the water where we had seen a slew of coffee shops and cafes, and ended up inside Cherry Street Coffee House. There we looked through some of the local papers and zines while we enjoyed our coffee and an egg sandwich.

After breakfast, we set back out towards the hotel to explore the Seattle Public Library, which is extremely unique from an architectural standpoint (and the only thing I remember from a short trip to Seattle with my family when I was about 14). We had been admiring the building from our hotel room throughout our stay, so it was fun to get inside and wander around for a bit. I will let my pictures do the talking here.

[[ exploring the seattle public library. ]]

Pat had convinced me that we should head down to the fish market to purchase a whole halibut since they were so fresh and delicious, so after our little library tour we grabbed the car, braved the parking situation, and made our way inside to claim our prize. Every time we had gone in to the market the beautiful bouquets had caught my eye so I finally gave in and decided to buy one for myself - knowing that I would have to hold it for the entire drive home and that it would most likely wilt in a day (both of which turned out to be true, still worth it).

[[ breakfast. my bouquet. picking out our halibut. ]]

I was kind of bummed to be leaving because there were so many restaurants, bars, shops, and parks that I had wanted to explore, but I refused to buckle on Gasworks Park, which is somewhere I have wanted to go for a really long time. Yes, this desire was heavily influenced by the movie "10 Things I Hate About You". Not only was the park an amazing mix of nature and industrial materials left behind (think Iron Giants), but the view of the entire city across the water was incredible! Take that Space Needle. While we were exploring I am pretty sure we interrupted some sort of Dungeons & Dragons dress up... party (I have no idea what this is actually called). It was pretty entertaining.

[[ playing around at gasworks park. ]]

After a bit we got back to the car and decided to head up the street to the Fremont Brewery for a little tasting before heading out for good. Of course on the day we were leaving the sun FINALLY decided to show up and it warmed up tremendously. While we were enjoying our beers it occurred to me that the Fremont Troll must be near by, and sure enough it was right up the street, so for our final adventure of the trip we took a little walk to "his" location to snap some silly pictures. I was pleased that we were able to fit that activity in after all.

Finally around 4, we were on our way back home. I had a ton of fun exploring Seattle with Pat and would love to go back one of these days to experience a bit more of such a unique city. Until next time.

[[ fremont brewery. troll ave. view of the city in the sunshine. beautiful sunny city. posing with the troll. ]]