Wednesday, January 15, 2014

seattle part 1

For the past several years I had been wanting to get up to Seattle and explore the city. Me and Pat decided to book a trip for April (not knowing at the time we reserved our room that we would be moving to Bend) and finally when the time came we made the six hour journey by car to the rainy city itself.

I know, I know, I have really slacked on these posts, but we took so many pictures that taking them on has seemed extremely overwhelming. Without further adieu, here we go:

thursday (4/18) :: day 1
We loaded up the car and left Bend early in the morning. The drive was pretty uneventful... rain, music, and lots of traffic. Finally we saw our first glimpse of the city around 7:00pm. By the time we actually got in to our hotel room at The Executive Hotel Pacific (we had a Groupon) downtown it was dark and we were starving, so we headed to Elysian Brewery, which was only a few blocks away right by Century Link Stadium. We tried some of their beers and shared some dishes, including our first of many seafood items on the trip, mussels. Once we finished eating we were both exhausted, so we headed back to the hotel to sleep and get an early start the next day.

[[ our first glimpse of the city after a long day of driving. outside of our hotel window. the walk. dinner at elysian brewery. mirror shots at the hotel. century link. fishtanks at dinner. ]]

friday (4/19) :: day 2
In the morning, we got ready inside of our humid hotel room and headed out in to the rain making our way down to the pier to check out the Pike Place Public Market. We wandered around a little bit snapping some pictures and taking it all in. It is amazing how many stands with fresh fish, fruits, and veggies there were everywhere, along with beautiful bouquets of flowers for an extremely low cost. Across from the main hub, offee shops and bakeries lined the street, so we stopped in Le Panier to grab some macaroons and coffee. The original Starbucks was also on this street, but I opted to avoid the lines and just snap a few pictures from the outside. I have had their coffee before...

[[ some shots at the public market: fresh seafood. flowers. king crab on ice. le panier french bakery. gloomy views. the original starbucks. ]] 

After a while we were pretty hungry, so we made our way up the street to a little cafe called Bacco for breakfast. We shared the crab benedict (seafood meal #2), which was extremely fresh and delicious. Since we were on vacation, a bloody mary and mimosa were also called for.

[[ rainy day wandering. breakfast at bacco cafe. ]]

Once we finished eating, we did a little shopping and then made our way down an alleyway to find The Tasting Room, which was a wine bar with many Washington wines. We each purchased a flight and then a glass of our favorite to drink while we enjoyed the macaroons I purchased earlier. The atmosphere was extremely mellow, with minimal lighting and candles burning at every table. We stayed long enough for me to charge my phone, and then made our way back out into the gloomy day to do some more exploring. There was a little antique store just up the street, which is something I can never resist, so we rummaged through old records and treasures for a bit before turning back towards our hotel.

[[ reflections on the street. a little alley. the tasting room wine bar. selfies. antiquing. ]]

While walking back to the hotel we ended up down by the harbor at Pike Place once again, and discovered The Pike, which is an old brewery underneath the market that is full of history. We checked it out for a while and decided to try a few of their beers before finally heading back to our hotel to relax and get ready for dinner.

[[ the pike brewery. ]]