Friday, October 25, 2013

my week in pictures 27

monday 10/14 - sunday 10/20

I really didn't take any good pictures throughout the work week, so this post is going to be all about the weekend... in fact, I think it is all going to be about our adventures Saturday afternoon. On Friday night Tony and Megan drove over for a visit, so we were pretty much on the go all weekend.

On Saturday we headed out to Terrebonne to go to the Pumpkin Patch at Smith Rock Ranch. That place was packed, but it was also one of those best pumpkin patches I have been to in terms of entrainment. As far as quality of the pumpkins goes... not so much. I just don't think they really grow nicely over here. They had numerous food vendors, a giant Bug's Life themed corn maze, a band, a pumpkin cannon that you could actually fire yourself, wine, beer and cider on tap, a petting zoo, various little kid "rides" and obstacle courses, pony rides, an archery range, etc. We of course grabbed a couple pumpkin beers, took a look at the cannon, bought tickets for the corn maze, had a little "race" through it (the boys won, obviously, since we kept stopping for photo breaks), grabbed a snack (a pumpkin spice doughnut for me and a caramel apple for Pat), and then finally hunted for some pumpkins. Oh yea, I should mention that the weather was incredible... mid 70's! I was wearing shorts and felt perfect while everyone else was roasting in jeans and boots.

In the evening we headed downtown to find a place to watch the OSU game, and ended up finally finding a table at Brother John's. Afterwards we headed back to the house and proceeded to stay up super late for the second night in a row catching up.

On Sunday we grabbed breakfast at Chow and then just relaxed in the sun before Megan and Tony had to take off.

[[ smith rock. me & my babe. waiting in line. elysian pumpkin beer, the best i have ever had. around the patch. the boys. the girls. turning in to bugs. giant watermelon. pat's whoopers. me being swatted. the boys planning out their route through the maze. the girls taking pictures. so much corn. "you shall not pass!" snack break. game over. of course we had to pose with the giant tractor. picking out our pumpkins. winners. ]]