Wednesday, August 7, 2013

my week in pictures 17

monday 7/29 - sunday 8/4

Last week I was crazy busy with work (not much different from this week so far), but there were a few notable events. We have been having a crazy series of storms and last week we got to witness a pretty sweet one. I took some video on my phone so that I would be sure to catch a photo of a lightning bolt and was definitely successful. The rainbow shot is from a little earlier the same day. On Sunday, after grabbing breakfast with my Aunt who was passing through town, me and Pat met up with his Dad to pick out a puppy!! For them, not us... sadly. They picked out a little boy who they will be able to take home sometime this week! His name is Rickie, and they will be getting a little girl to match soon who will aptly be named Lucy! Adorable. Being surrounded by puppies was definitely a great way to end my week on a good note. We also explored a "haunted house" and got to check out The Vault (at least I think thats the name of it), a "members only" wine bar in town.

[[ abandoned house. rainbow. the storm. work work work. our invitation collection keeps growing. the vault. 10 below. finally drinking our special gilgamesh brew. sunny saturday. puppies puppies puppies! rickie. more puppies! washing the cars. ]]