Wednesday, June 19, 2013

my week in pictures 10

monday 6/10 - monday 6/17 
(long weekend)

Last work week went by super slow and then the weekend flew by. Megan came to town for a visit and I took Monday off to spend a bit more time with her. We definitely fit a lot of activities in to that short time frame... cyclepub for bossman's birthday, mcmenamins, running around town, an afternoon at the pool, exploring the Lava/Obsidian Flow, shopping, cupcakes... The list goes on. By the way, I took a ton of pictures at the Lava/Obsidian Flow that I will be posting at some point. Of course I still have to finish/start editing my pictures from Seattle and Vegas first, ugh. I am such a slacker lately.

[[ little friend outside my window. work. on our hike: bones. abandoned mansion. cyclepub for boss man's birthday. cigar bar fire pit. pool day with megan. dinner at worthy.  lava. lake. ida's cupcakes. shopping. "cajun shrimp" nails. dinner and drinks at hola! ]]