Tuesday, April 16, 2013

pat's sleeve part II

On Saturday Pat spent four hours in the chair getting the shading finished up on his Egyptian Sleeve. In my first post back in December I went through the symbolism of the tattoo on a general level as well as why Pat choose it, so I am not going to get in to all of the specifics again. I will however say that Cynthia did an amazing job with the shading, as she did with the line work, and as his tattoo is healing and the color is coming down slightly it really looks like a work of art. Pat is really pleased with the piece for now, though he may decide to add on later. Once again, I am super excited for him!

Here are some pictures of the shading process:

[[ neon. the waiting room. getting set up. parlor art. pat getting worked on. peak-a-boo. icing one of the other artists. before sketch. the after tattoo. a few details of the final piece. ]]