Monday, April 15, 2013

my week in pictures 3

monday 4/8 - sunday 4/14

We enjoyed some delicious meals this week both at home and out at restaurants. Thursday night we decided to skip the gym and head downtown to Barrio which was delicious, as always. I did some experimenting with braids during the week. And over the weekend we headed to Salem so that Pat could get the shading on his tattoo worked on (this will get its own post), we could pick up the Maxima, and to see Tony at Gilgamesh. Sunday after breakfast we braved the snowy pass and made our way home.

[[ delicious home meals. barro. spring flowers in my office. experimenting with braids. pats tattoo getting worked on. a stop in to gilgamesh for dinner. tony! breakfast at a little cafe in salem. ]]