Monday, April 1, 2013

a non april fools announcement

One of the main reasons that I started this blog back in September 2010, is because I was not being challenged creatively at work and needed a new outlet to help keep me inspired. Over time I continued to evolve this blog to have more regular features such as Weekend Adventures and Midweek Inspiration posts, but as my career picked up and me and Pat began traveling more, I started to loose track and have to cut some things out. Lately I find myself referring to this ongoing project as more of a chore than a creative outlet, and so I have concluded that it is time for a change.

In order to keep up with blogging, and life, I am going to switch things up for a while. Instead of posting five days a week, I am going to start posting "My Week In Pictures" from the week before once a week. I will still continue to do the occasional secondary post or Photo Adventure post, but am hoping that this will be a nice compromise so that I can actually enjoy the process once again.

Quality over quantity. You know, that whole thing.
And just for funsies... All The Single Ladies...