Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a day at the farm

Last Monday me and a few coworkers spent the day exploring local farms to get a sense of what kind of partnership opportunities are out there. I brought my camera along and took a ton of pictures of the various animals and crops at each of the three farms we visited. We were even provided with a delicious vegetarian lunch made solely with products from each of our stops by our Farm to Fork tour guides. Here are some of the best shots. Who knew pigs were so photogenic, I probable have twenty pictures of just those little guys.

[[ farm 1: amy and the farm dogs. piggies. sheep and a baby lamb. friendly cows. the gorgeous view. the chickens being chased by the puppy and the pig who thought he was a puppy. look at those eyes. prairie dog. farm 2: more piggies. the greenhouse getting ready to sprout. roosters. goats. our delicious and fresh lunch. farm 3: greens. the chickens running wild. ]]

 Tough day at the office huh?