Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend adventures 67

Last weekend Megan came to visit me despite my sickness, and although I started to feel not so great again on Sunday, we had a pretty good Saturday, and I was definitely thankful for the chance to get a girls weekend. 

I was supposed to head downtown to celebrate my friend Sierra's birthday, but since I still wasn't feeling great I decided to stick around home instead. Megan got here around nine and we just talked and relaxed for the rest of the night, nothing too exciting, but with Pat being gone all week, I definitely appreciated the company.

We got up in the morning and sat outside for a little while since it was so nice out. I got in the hottub for a little bit and then we made a quick breakfast and headed in to town. I had to go to TJ Maxx to get something for a costume I was working on (more on that later), so me and Megan messed around in there for a while.

[[ sunshine. breakfast. some pretty sweet finds at tj maxx. ]] 

Next we headed to Boneyard so that I could grab Pat a growler of his favorite beer and some other goodies to surprise him with when he came home. There was a brewery event going on all around Oregon called Zwinklefest, so we actually got to go back into the brewery and taste a few beers they normally don't have out as well. I felt bad Pat was missing out, but I figured that the beer, a tshirt, and a wrist band would make him feel better. When we were all done we headed to 10 Barrel to grab some lunch. The two of us shared a taster tray to try and refresh our memories on which beers were decent and came up with a few winners. I am not a huge fan of their beer but the food their is great.

[[ enjoying ourselves at boneyard while picking up some presents for pat. lunch at 10 barrel. ]]

Megan had wanted to check out a little boutique downtown and go to Goodies to get some chocolate, so we headed over there next and then made our way to a cute little bar I was introduced to the weekend before called Velvet. It reminds me a little bit of The Doug Fir in Portland, but much smaller, and they have some pretty unique drinks there. I got one with Yerba Mate and vodka that was delicious. We had some time to kill so we lounged there for a while watching snowboarding videos downstairs, and then headed over to Old Mill to check out the Bend Winterfest.

[[ velvet. ]]

A band that me and Pat used to see in Corvallis called Stairway Denied was playing and I really wanted to see them, so we braved the cold. They are a Led Zeppelin cover band that actually plays like them, violin bow, "Moby Dick" solo and all. Of course they were great as always even though they played a pretty short set. After them an all female ACDC cover band came on and I really wasn't in to it. The band itself was pretty good, but their lead singer kind of ruined it for me. We also ran in to Sierra and some of her friends, so we stuck around probably a little bit longer than we should have, but eventually surrendered to the cold and called it a night to avoid getting frostbitten toes. Megan had also been pelted with a can of some Dutch Brothers energy drink by the radio team running the show... yea, probably not a good idea to throw full cans into a crowd of people from two stories up... nice going. She pretty much saved both of our faces by raising her arm which ended up taking the full wrath. Sorry Megan, but thanks for looking out.

[[ stairway denied. bend winterfest. ]]

It was gorgeous and sunny on Sunday so we sat out on the deck for a couple of hours. Foolishly I thought I was hot and took off all of my layers which resulted in my flu coming back full force a few hours later... but it felt good for a while. We relaxed, painted our nails, went in to town to grab some food to make for dinner, cooked, and watched Ten Things I Hate About You, you know, girl stuff. After dinner Megan headed home and I pretty much went right to bed.