Monday, February 4, 2013

weekend adventures 66

Last weekend our friends Megan and Tony came for a visit, we climbed Smith Rock, explored Bend, baked a cake, and watched the Superbowl. It was really good to have some visitors and turned out to be a really fun and productive weekend. 

Our friends Tony and Megan got here pretty late on Friday, so we just had a few drinks, caught up and called it a night. Saturday morning when we got up Pat made us all breakfast, we packed our bags, and then headed out to Smith Rock. The trip was amazing, but super exhausting. We decided to hike straight up the rock on the aptly named "Misery Ridge" trail, down and around on an extremely steep, muddy, and slippery trail past Monkey Face (which is a rock), and around the entire thing. Our hike took several hours, and by the time we got back to the front we were completely exhausted, but still had to hike up the path to the parking lot, which was torture. It was all worth it though to see the panoramic views at a top. I took a ton of pictures, which I will be posting on their own in the future. No promisses for competing these by the end of the week though. In the meantime, here is a really small preview of some of the pictures I posted on Instagram throughout the day.

[[ me and pat at smith rock before the hike. monkey face on the steep trail down. ]]

saturday night
Once we finally made it to the car we were all starving and decided to go straight in to Redmond to grab some dinner and a celebratory margarita at Diego's. Dinner was extremely satisfying after all of that exercise, and we were really looking forward to enjoying the hot tub when we got home.

Since it had been Tony's birthday a few weeks prior, me and Megan decided to go to the store and get the supplies to make him a cake. We also decided to wrap those supplies up like a present and bought him a ridiculously cheesy card and a balloon as well, which he was very surprised to see. When we got home we made some greyhounds and got to work on the cake, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster and probably the ugliest cake either of us has ever been a part of making. Lets just say that baking at high altitudes is not something I am quite used to, and that microwaving frosting to soften it up is only a good idea if monitored correctly. Either way, we ended up with a perfectly edible confetti cake that everyone enjoyed a slice of. Success. After all of our hard work we finally made it in to the hot tub to massage our sore muscles and relax for the rest of the night.

[[ the ugly birthday cake we made for tony. ]]

sunday (superbowl)
Pat had made plans to watch the Superbowl at his dads place near Sunriver, so we headed in to Bend in the morning to run a few errands first. The four of us grabbed breakfast at a little cafe called Cafe Sintra which I thought was delicious. I had a substancial egg sandwich on fresh baked rosemary basil bread with avocado and tomato, some fresh fruit, and a mimosa to start off my day. Pat had a delicious looking Monte Cristo sandwich with potatoes and some fresh coffee, which also looked delicious. I really dug the atmosphere of this place, and will definitely be back again soon.

[[ breakfast at cafe sintra. ]]

After breakfast we ran to Boneyard to pick up some growlers for the game, and then went to Crux to do the same and have a beer. I love their Flemish Red, as I believe I have mentioned before. We ended up getting a growler of the Sugar Daddy from there, and brought a few growlers from Boneyard over to his Dads place.

[[ crux fermentation project. ]]

The game, was pretty terrible... and with the Ravens dominating the first half, no memorable commercials, which was disappointing, Beyonce doing whatever it is Beyonce does at half time, the power outage putting a stop to the game for half an hour, and the Niners almost coming back to win it at the end only to be thwarted by a holding penalty by the defense that was never called, it was definitely the oddest superbowl I have ever seen. Aside from being disappointed in the Niners loss, I was a little disappointed that there was no reenactment of the SNL sketch with Justin Timberlake when Beyonce sang "All The Single Ladies"... although, after the whole Janet Jackson controversy the NFL might not be too eager to welcome JT back on stage. Still, that would have made it all worth it.

After watching the game and eating lots of football game related foods, like hot dogs and chili, we called it a night and went home to sleep. Megan and Tony left bright and early this morning.

[[ me and megan on superbowl sunday. ]]