Tuesday, February 5, 2013

old neighbors / new neighbors

When me and Pat lived in Corvallis at our last residence we had some very interesting neighbors across the street... cows. Sometimes when I would walk past them to get the mail they would moo at me, and on the day we were leaving for good they were pretty much going crazy. Personally, I think they were saying goodbye (not really, but kinda).

Anyway, it appears that we have some new neighbors of interest, although since we are kind of living in the middle of nowhere right now, their placement makes a little more sense. There is a large family of deer that lives somewhere in our neighborhood! The first morning I saw them I was on my way to work and had a stand off in the middle of the road with one. Since then I have seen them almost every day, and there are also lots of quail and bunnies around as well. I am certainly not complaining about all of these cute woodland creatures, but I do wish that they would refrain from running in front of my car and scaring me.

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