Wednesday, February 27, 2013

historical figures party

Here are my pictures from Colleen's Historical Figures Birthday Party from last weekend. People got really creative for this one! My friends are pretty awesome...

Some of the costumes: Bonnie & Clyde (me and Pat) // Coco Chanel (Tiff) // Van Gogh - based off of this painting (Ricky) // Julia Child (Megan) // Amelia Earhart - complete with plane (Colleen) // Che Guvera - but we think he looked more like Fidel Castro (Francisco) // Charlie Chaplin (Morgan) // Prefontane (Jason) // Shirley Temple (Nicole) // Korean Jesus - whatever that means... (Sam) // Steve Jobs - there were two of them // Rosie the Riviter - there ended up being three of them (Jess & Ashley) // Pochahontas // Selena(s) // Tupac // Anne Frank // Joan of Arc // Various Cowpeople // A Banana

[[ bonnie & clyde. coco & clyde. ladies. charlie chaplin. julia child. me & korean jesus. julia & her chicken. butta! being silly in the kitchen. amelia & her plane. charlie & joan of arc. bonnie & che/fidel. group shot. rosie the riveter. korean jesus getting all rambo. we found hunter! group shot struggles. party in the kitchen. ]]   

[[ some instagram pictures i scooped up of some more costumes: rosie the riveter. korean jesus. anne frank & tupac. shirley temple. charlie chaplin. rosies. che/fidel. ]]