Thursday, January 17, 2013

moving in

We moved over the pass on January 2nd, and have been doing a lot since then that I am excited to post about, but I have to go back in time to get things up to speed first. I will start with our moving weekend and work my way up from there. 

In the morning of the second, the movers showed up, and within a few hours everything we owned, aside from one suitcase with some necessities, was gone. It was a really weird feeling having strangers take away all of our things, and as always, I was sad to see our house empty knowing that we would never live there again. As soon as our things were gone, me, Pat, and Rory, who had graciously offered to help us move, stuffed ourselves in the car which was packed with as much as we could fit. I was literally smushed in the backseat and surrounded by blankets which actually made it a pretty comfortable drive.

[[ our empty house: livingroom. kitchen. office. bedroom. spareroom. closet. livingroom/kitchen. hallway. ]]

[[ the stuffed moving truck. me packed in to the subaru and ready to go. ]]

We just happened to be moving on the weekend that it had dumped a ton of snow, so the pass was really really icy and it took us a while to get to our place. We even passed a truck that lost control and was only saved from going over the cliff because of the bumper of packed snow on the side of the road... sketchy. This definitely made me feel better about hiring movers to do the heavy lifting and transporting. Rory's friend came over, and we all ate some dinner, hottubbed, and drank some champagne that my Mom bought me and Pat in honor of our big move. I should mention that while we are looking for places in Bend, me and Pat are living in Redmond in a home that is up for sale owned by his parents. Hopefully in the Springtime we will be able to find a place of our own.

[[ the first night: me and rory being weirdos. champagne toast to our new house (after the hottub, yes, we have a hottub). ]]

[[ brrr. the view out our diningroom window. ]]

The rest of the weekend was simply spent unpacking and trying to get everything in order as much as possible before we went back to Corvallis to clean our old place, have a going away party, and then make our final trip over the pass to our new home (which I discussed in my "Goodbye Corvallis" post).