Wednesday, January 16, 2013

goodbye corvallis

As I have mentioned a few times before, at the end of December me and Pat were making preparations to move and saying goodbye to good friends, and the town of Corvallis. A place that I had reluctantly grown to love. Even a year prior I had been aching to get out of our small college town and start a life with Pat somewhere new, and although I was ready for a new career, when it came down to the prospect of actually leaving, I was a little sad to leave it all behind. 

The two of us had really begun our relationship there, we had shared four residences over almost seven years there, we had both struggled with and graduated from college there, and made a ton of great friends and amazing memories along the way. So in the end, I was sad to see Corvallis go, but excited about the prospect of starting over together in a new place that we really really love. As we drove away from our long term home town for the last time, I was very reflective on each of the places I had lived, and who I was at that time. Although I am ready to collect new memories and residences in Bend, Corvallis Oregon will always hold a special place in my heart, so I owed it a little goodbye post.

Here are a few pictures from our last few outings right before moving. 
I wish I would have taken some pictures of our going away party, because we had a really good turnout, but I was so exhausted from packing and cleaning that I forgot. Thank you again to everyone who came out.

[[ cloud & kelly's. ]]

[[ sada sushi. ]]

[[ snugbar. ]]

[[ murphey's. ]]

Places I am going to miss/remember fondly:
Block15, Cloud & Kellys, Fairbanks, Snugbar, Murphey's, Bar 101, Aomatsu, Reeser Stadium, Monroe St., The Elements Building, the Waterfront downtown and my favorite place to sit, Francesco's, Sharon's, Tommy's, University Hero, McMenamins, American Dream, Crow Bar, and The Crow's Nest, the 35th street house, the entire OSU Campus, and yes, even though very reluctantly, I have to make mention of The Peacock and La Conga (whatever its called now) because no matter how horrible they are, I have many great memories at both.

Goodbye for now.