Thursday, December 27, 2012

weekend adventures 63
christmas part II

As continued from yesterdays post, here are the second part of the weekend adventures, Christmas Eve at my moms place. 

monday (christmas eve)
In the morning we finished up some last minute things and got ready to head over to my moms house for Christmas Eve dinner. Me, Pat, and my little sister Meagan got to her house around two and decided to visit and exchange our presents since no one was coming over for a while. We gave them some holiday items and my little sister made my mom some vases inspired from something she saw on Pinterest. They turned out really cute. My mom got me and Pat a really cool photograph/painting of Times Square in NYC as well as the West Elm duvet cover and pillow set that I really wanted for our new(ish) king bed! I am really really excited to see how that looks once we get all moved in!

[[ meagan, me, and pat... being awesome. ]]
[[ pat and the giant present. me and my babe. sister, mom, grandpa, and grandpa. me, meagan, and grandpa. ]]

At five everyone came over and it was really good to visit with all of the grandparents for a few hours. We did a white elephant gift exchange with Deans family and me and Pat ended up with some sweet new chopsticks and a P.F. Changs gift card. I stole back the simplistic nutcracker that I had brought, but actually really wanted for myself. The other gift we brought was a "classic game compendium"that included jacks, pick up sticks, dice, marbles, and a slinky that provided an unexpected amount of entertainment to my mom and Deans uncle Dan. I think everyone had a feeling I was the one who brought that gift.

After everyone took off we decided to put on Christmas Vacation before me, Pat, and Meagan had to head back to my dads place for the evening.

Christmas Eve Pocketbooth Fun!

[[ click on these to see them larger, they are pretty awesome. ]]

I will post the last part of our weekend adventures tomorrow.