Wednesday, November 7, 2012

california adventures 3 :: day 1
manhattan beach & santa monica

A few weeks ago I flew down to LA to meet up with my sisters for a three days. As usual, I will divide up my adventures in to a few posts, starting with an overview of day one.

saturday (10/20) :: day 1
On Friday after work I drove up to Portland to stay at my friend Megan's apartment since she agreed to give me a ride to the airport. The plan was to watch a few Halloween movies, drink some wine, and then go to bed early... but since we got a late start we ended up staying up way too late and I was not feeling great in the morning after only four hours of sleep. The flight seemed pretty short, but I could not get very good in flight pictures this time because the cloud cover was consistently thick from Portland to LA which was kind of a bummer. Once I finally landed at LAX, walked down the longest hallway ever (it seriously took me a solid three minutes), and got picked up by Leah and her friend Catherine I felt a lot better. We stopped at Catherines briefly (where she made me some eggs and toast for breakfast because she is amazing) and then headed to Manhattan beach to meet my parents and the girls for lunch at a little restaurant called MB Post.

[[ pictures from my cloudy flight.  the longest loneliest hallway ever. south pier. mb post. we signed their guestbook. a few pictures along the pier. yummy lunch pro picture from meagan. ]]  

For the rest of the afternoon we wandered around along the beach being silly, looking at the gorgeous houses, and taking a ton of pictures. As you may be able to tell from looking at these, it was extremely muggy outside the entire time, which was the case for the entire trip actually. Also, if you are wondering what is going on in those last two images (like Pat was just now), sometimes when we are in public me and my sisters get really awkward and things like this happen... No shame.

[[ manhattan beach. dad & little sister. the end of the pier. the look back. my dad & step mom. telescope. old man feeding the seagulls. wingspan. angry sky. the coastline. lone surfer. big houses. dad & me. alley & sailboat. the pier from a distance. downtown manhattan. pretty leah. sisters being super awkward. ]]

[[ iphone panoramic of the manhattan beach pier. CLICK TO VIEW LARGER. ]]

In the evening we decided to move on to another beach and after a brief and slightly disturbing stop in the Jersey Shore, I mean, Venice Beach, we ended up in Santa Monica for the night. I had actually been to the pier once before when my friend Francisco lived in California and I was passing through the area with my family, but it looked a lot different at night all lit up. We grabbed dinner at a mexican restaurant in the mall area and then were all exhausted, so we dropped off the girls and went to bed. I should also mention that while we were in Santa Monica, there was a Beaver game on that I was following religiously on my phone the entire time. When the final score posted indicating another win for our then undefeated school I got super excited and even high fived a random bum downtown!! He seemed very excited, but made me flash him a peace sign as well.

[[ the santa monica pier. end of route 66. halloween ferris wheel. the mall area. dinner. ]]