Monday, October 29, 2012

weekend adventures 61 :: halloween

Here are my Halloween Weekend Adventures, I will do a large post with pictures from Saturday night later this week, this is just the preview. 

This year for Halloween, we decided to go out downtown for the first time, and chose Gypsy since it is more versatile for a large group of people. After putting a few final touches on our costume materials, giving my blonde wig a haircut, and laminating our "Waynestock concert passes" we headed up to Tiff's place to get ready. This was definitely the most low maintenance costume I have ever worn, since I did not have to do any styling to my actual hair, or get crazy with my makeup. I still put a bit of work in to my eyes though so I would still look like a girl, but to my surprise the wig was pretty easy to get on even with as much hair as I have. I will say that I did not like having bangs! Too hot, and they got in my eyes constantly. I don't know how girls pull them off, though I still think they are adorable. I will mention that I did not end up wearing the t-shirt that I made for my costume, I was feeling a little too manly in it, so I went for a plain v-neck instead, but everything else worked out well, including the ripped up jeans.

[[ getting ready with my awesome hair cap on. ]]

saturday night 
We headed downtown around 9 after taking some pictures with Tiff's homemade photo booth. Gypsy was actually pretty fun... we were able to watch the end of the OSU game when we first got there (which a complete bummer, but I will save that post for another day), and then grabbed some drinks and commenced the Halloween festivities. People were coming up to me ALL night and throwing out movie quotes, which was kind of fun, because I got to stay in character. Me and Pat also took quite a few pictures with strangers who wanted to pose with us. Since our costume reference is so outdated, I was somewhat surprised to find two girls dressed up like us there, but of course we posed for a picture with them too. I think our costumes were better... but I may be a little biased since I made everything for them... Psh.

The posible highlight of my night was when Gangnam Style came on. A few months ago, we had some friends stay with us after one of the OSU home games, and we stayed up until three in the morning trying to learn the dance from the PSY video... somewhat successfully... SO, when the song started playing, I just went for it and danced in the middle of the bar with people staring at me. I was happy when Jason's brother (who was dressed up as Popeye) ran over to dance with me. It was pretty much awesome. There was a dude dressed up as the guy from PSY too, but I never did get a picture with him, I found some of him online though... not too shabby. (If you somehow do not know what I am talking about, I will post the video soon, I promise, it is too amazing not to have its own post).

Towards the end of the evening some of Pat's friends made their way down to us, as well as Megan and her boy, so we ended up with a pretty big group! It was a really fun night with NO drama!! Finally!! After the party we got a ride home, ate some less than healthy Taco Bell, and went to sleep. I would say that this year was pretty successful, and according to my Facebook feed... a lot of people seemed to really like me and Pat's costumes! Excellent!

[[ preview pictures from saturday: gnome. kriss kross. olive oil. hamburgler. willy wonka. garth & wayne. popeye. we found santa. ]]

After grabbing some breakfast with Tiff and stopping in to the Nike Employee Store briefly we headed out of town to enjoy the rest of our Sunday at home. It took forever because of the rain (I am very thankful to have working windsheild wipers again!) Once we got home it was sweats, hot chocolate, and catching up on our TV shows for the rest of the night.

[[ bearrrs at breakfast at the black bear diner. ]]