Monday, October 8, 2012

the rogue hop farm II

The first weekend of September me and Pat sort of stumbled across the Rogue Hop Farm for the first time much to Pat's enjoyment. Since we didn't have any plans this on Sunday, we decided to take our friend Rory and stop by once again since it was a surprisingly gorgeous and warm day. It was amazing what a difference a month made on the scenery! Literally almost all of the hops had been harvested, and those remaining were beginning to dry out, where as last time there were rows and rows of lush green hops everywhere. (Here is the first post to compare).

We did find some other fun areas that were not explored last time though, such as a little beach area towards the back, the "brew and breakfast" and Voo & Doo who are two pigs we met. Harlow even gave one of them some kisses, although I think she was a little frightened by their squeaking at first. There were also a ton of chickens, roosters, and turkeys wandering around the farm that Harlow had a bit of fun chasing, and I got some decent pictures of. The turkeys were enormous. Finally, there was a garage sale going on, so not only did Pat get to fill his growler with some Aluvial One Hop Ale, but the boys also split a case of Mom's Hefeweizen with Rose Hips.

[[ hop vines. corn hole. naughty harlow. pat in his rogue shirt. brew. game. punkins. farm equipment. huge turkeys. sign. river. brew & breakfast. voo & doo. harlow makes a friend. snouts. happy pup. ]]

I also remembered to bring the wedding invitations that I designed over a year ago with me to photograph on location, since the wedding was held at this venue. Originally I was planning on putting the materials in the hop vines for the pictures, but since they were bare, I found a barrel to use in the background instead, which still worked out pretty well. It definitely added the rustic farm vibe I was going for, and bonus points (I think) for being photographed on location. I will post these tomorrow.