Thursday, September 27, 2012

the rogue hop farm


On Saturday the 1st of September, me and Pat were on our way to Salem to visit his Dad when we noticed a sign for the Rogue Hop Farm in Independence Oregon, so we decided to make a pit stop. We followed signs down a bunch of empty country roads wondering where we were being taken, until finally we spotted the little farm itself. Apparently this is where the hops for all of the Chateau Rogue brews are prepared.

The setup was actually pretty sweet, there was a little tasting room with a few of the Chateaus on tap, a nice grassy area outside with some seats and lawn games (like corn hole), and a little food cart for snacks. Me and Pat helped ourselves in taking a closer look at the hop fields themselves, but no one seemed to mind. There was also a wedding going on near the barn area while we were there, and ironically I actually made wedding invitations for someone who was married here last summer. Now seeing this place in person, I think I did a pretty solid job with the theme. (I actually still need to post these!)

We will definitely be back here again once their pumpkin brew is released to the public. Perhaps next time we will even participate in a brewery tour. I think Pat was in heaven while we were there.

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