Thursday, July 19, 2012

california adventure 1 :: part 3.2
disneyland :: day 2

thursday 6/21 :: day 6

These pictures are from our second and last day at Disneyland, which we spent jumping back and fourth between the parks to get on all of the rides.

[[ lego installations in downtown disney. ]]

[[ california adventure. grizzly mountain peak. cars land. fishermans warf. california screamin'. boardwalk. indiana pat. bears! alice sign in disney. ]]

[[ cars land scenery, i loved the look of this area. ]]

[[ a bugs land. ]]

[[ old timers. star wars. turkey leg pat. angry ducks. churros! late. chip n' dale. ears. ]]

[[ it's a small world. ]]

[[ toontown! reenactment. minnie mouse house. busting out of jail. strong pat. ]]

[[ disneyland parade. ]]

[[ cars land at night. ]]

[[ storybook land rides: mr toad. snow white. pinocchio. peter pan. alice in wonderland. ]]

We decided to start in California Adventure this time, after grabbing some breakfast in Downtown Disney and visiting the Lego store. We got Fast Passes for Tower of Terror and Grizzly Rapids, wandered through Cars Land and went on the roller coaster a few times. At this point it was time for the Rapids, and then back in to Disney for Star Tours and It's A Small World, then back to California Adventure for Tower of Terror, and then back to Disney again for Toontown. I told you we did a lot of running around back and fourth this time... 

Since by now we were both exhausted we headed to Downtown Disney for some dinner where we spotted a serious Snooky look a like, and a really inappropriately dressed patron. We decided to order a bottle of wine with dinner, so by the time we headed back in to the park we were both a little tipsy, which made going on all of the Storybook Land rides even more fun! Pat's coworker and her boyfriend also met up with us so we had some company. We stayed until the park closed down going on Mr. Toad, Pinocchio, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and The Materhorn. The only ride that we missed at all (aside from the new Cars attractions which had just opened and had obscenely long wait times) was the Jungle Cruise. Not too shabby for a two day stint. Perhaps next time we will go for three so that we don't have to run around so much. We are definitely not too old for Disneyland. I even caved and bought some Minnie Mouse ears when we were in Toontown because I have always wanted to, but resisted. I felt ridiculous, but I couldn't help myself.

I also have pictures from all of the roller coasters and such that we went on, but I will save those for my "Extras" post.