Friday, June 15, 2012

california adventure

Alright, it is finally Friday, so I can announce our upcoming adventures to you!

Me and Pat will be leaving tomorrow morning for a nine day California vacation. Though it is a little closer than NYC this year, we are still super excited! We will be flying to La Quinta (Palm Springs) where we will sit by the pool and soak up the sun for the first four days of our trip. One of my goals is to get over by Joshua Tree National Park to take some pictures. I love the desert, and mini photo shoots. Next we will be driving over to Anaheim to do the whole Disneyland thing because we are definitely not grown ups yet, and thought it would be fun/silly. After that we will head up the coastline to visit some of my family in San Jose before spending our final day in San Francisco with two of my favoritest cousins. (We might even take in a Giants game). The last day will be a lot of driving until we are finally back home. So, our vacation is part relaxing poolside with a margarita in hand, part amusement park, part exploring the city, and part road trip adventure. I do wish we had a few more days because I wouldn't mind spending some more time in SF, but I suppose we can't play hooky from work forever.

[[ pictures from la quinta a few years ago. ]]

Almost forgot to add this...
Here is roughly what me and Pat will be doing Wednesday and Thursday. :)