Monday, June 25, 2012

california adventure :: sneak peak

Me and Pat are back from our California Adventures, but since I will be gone Friday thus making this a short week, I think it would be better to take care of some unfinished posts I had started before we went on our little vacay. I will get going on the California posts next week and they will probably end up spilling in to the following week (or two), in which case I will have even more events to catch up on! This is a busy summer for sure, and there are still many things planned for future dates, including this weekend.

If you have been following my Instagram you have probably already seen these pictures, but here is a little sneak peak of the same ones I posted during our trip to give you an idea of what our daily activities entailed. Do not be surprised if you see these images pop up on their corresponding posts as well.

[[ instagram photos: plane. lunch. pool. breakfast. lounging. joshua tree national park. the good stuff. sushi dinner. disney. tea party. strong. drive. sf. cousins. go giants. ashland. ]]