Wednesday, May 23, 2012

weekend adventures 57

Last weekend was so much running around, I do not feel like I have caught a break in a while. It was not your average weekend though... A wedding in Yachats, a brewers festival in Newport, a family dinner in Portland with Leah, and lots of shenanigans.

We got up early in the morning, dressed, scooped up our stuff and grabbed Hayden before heading off to Yachats Oregon for Pat's step brother Chris's wedding. We took the windiest road ever, but made pretty good time. From arriving it was all chaos for several hours. When we walked in to the hotel, Chris greeted us and we headed towards the room we were all supposed to get ready in. Yes, girls and guys... Me, Pat, and Hayden were all in the wedding, and I was also taking their wedding photos as a favor, so I started snapping some pictures while I waited for the girls to return from setting up the reception area. Finally everyone arrived and we all started getting ready. Poor Mandee (the bride) was completely scattered at first and did not really know where to begin. Since I had already done my makeup before leaving home, and was not too worried about my hair I volunteered to help her get ready by doing her makeup, as well as kicking the boys out to keep things a bit more calm. Eventually, (only a little behind schedule), we were all dressed and ready to go, and began the ceremony which took place outside.

Now, the Oregon coast is not exactly accommodating to notions of warm rain free weather even in the middle of the summer... but to plan an outdoor wedding in the middle of May is balsy to say the least. Luckily for all of us the weather could not have been better. It was warm, overcast or sunny the entire time, and there was virtually no wind. You could not ask for much more.

After the ceremony and some family portraits, I went down to the beach with the bride a groom to take some pictures of just the two of them, and we finished everything up with the wedding party after the ceremony. I felt like I was running around like a mad woman the entire day. Oh wait, I pretty much was.

[[ from corvallis to yachats. ]]

saturday night
After everything came to a close and the bride and groom went off on their own, me and Pat decided to drive up the coast and stop in Newport at Rogue for some beers and dinner since it was on the way home, and we had been wanting to get over there for a while. I had delicious fish tacos and Pat got a bunch of new beers to add to his Rogue bottle collection. To our surprise it just so happened that there was an event going on at the same time, the 6th Annual Brewers Memorial Ale Festival. Brewer was the brewmasters black lab, so to celebrate his memorial they have a special beer tasting event every year with brews from around the state that you are welcome to bring your four legged companions to. In addition to tasting some delicious beers (and me getting some seriously beneficial over-pours that Pat was very jealous of), there was also live music and a lot of glorious people (and dog) watching. After a few hours we headed home and I finally got some sleep.

[[ rogue headquarters, newport oregon. i love this guy. bottles. crab head. fancy truck. taster. brewers memorial. puppies galore. tasting line. peak a boo. cheers. ]]

My sister Leah got in to town late Saturday night for a one day layover before heading to Hawaii Monday morning for her friend Rose's wedding. Since she was in Portland all day Sunday, I needed to be as well. So, although I was completely exhausted from stress and lack of sleep from the week before, I got in the car around noon and headed straight to the mall where my sisters were shopping together. It was great to see her if only for a day since it had been since Christmas. Eventually we all made our way to my dads house and made a delicious dinner with the whole family. There was so much food, but most memorably, my little brother Jonathan's girlfriend Tahlia made some delicious Spam Masubi! So yummy!!! During dinner we also sang at the top of our lungs to oldies while my dad recorded us on his phone, posed with peppers on our heads, and quizzed my little sister about the continents... pretty standard for us. Afterwards we decided to ditch the dishes and go for a walk which entailed the littlest girls (and Jenna) with purple mustaches painted on their faces, scooters, a very weird wolf hat, and a lot of awkward dancing around. I am sure the neighbors hate us. I tried to take some pictures but was not really paying attention to my camera settings so a lot of them came out a bit blurry. Finally we went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream before I headed back to Corvallis and finally got some sleep.

[[ spam masubi. parmesan crusted zucchini. olive oil and garlic fried asparagus. stuffed peppers. the spread. jadyn. wolf leah. siistors. pepper heads. walk time. being silly. "those are your hands, you are a tarantula." ]] 

Busy. Freakin. Weekend.