Tuesday, May 15, 2012

weekend adventures 56

Sorry for no post yesterday, my Monday was super busy. 
Last weekend was crazy, tons of running around. Dancing, sunshine, prom dresses, and good friends. 

Right after work I headed to Portland to frantically get ready for 80s prom. Traffic was absolutely terrible and it took me a full two hours to get to Beaverton, so I really had to rush to costume and makeup to get out the door by the time our limo arrived. Yes, we traveled in style.

The limo ride downtown was definitely one of my favorite parts. We were drinking wine, listening to music, and being silly. Once we got to the venue we headed inside where there were already a bunch of people dancing and a live band playing 80's cover songs. I also appreciated that they were not playing the same Madonna and Michael Jackson songs that we have all heard over and over again on the radio. There was even some Ozzy in there. There was a lot of singing/screaming and dancing.

[[ 80s prom limo ride. ]]

To go with the prom theme they even had wine coolers on the drink menu, as well as a photographer for prom pictures. Unfortunately they expected every single person to pay $5 for their picture, so $10 per couple and what would have been $40 for our group, which I thought was ludicrous since we had already purchased $15 tickets to attend and its not like our drinks were free. So, we missed out on that one.

I had no idea when we initially decided to go to this that we would be the youngest people there! Normally we go to 80's night downtown which is filled with people our age dancing around, but this was all people who actually attended prom in the 80s, which, I personally thought was more fun anyway. Me and Megan were discussing that we should have brought our moms... maybe next year.

After the prom was coming to a close we wandered around the venue and made our way into one of its many bars and restaurants on the property for some dinner. I had originally planned on going out in my 80's garb to meet up with Francisco and Sam, but after all of the dancing and then some food I was exhausted, so we all cabbed it back to Tiff's place and called it a night around 2:30.

[[ kennedy school. ]]

Me and Megan woke up in the morning and headed out pretty quickly to run some errands before driving back down to Corvallis for Rory's going away party. Since it was mothers day and all Sunday I decided to stop by my moms place to visit for a little while. While I was over there we rummaged through some seriously awesome antiques and pictures from Dean's parents attic that I will have to give their own post and share sometime soon. Next it was off to the mall to meet Tiff and Jason for a quick visit so that I could get a bachelorette present for someone. Of course, I ended up picking up a few things for myself as well. I was also surprised to see a certain fashion celebrity when we turned a corner... But more on that in another post.

Once I finally made it back to Corvallis Pat, Tony, Megan, and Brad were already in the backyard playing some yard games and enjoying some sunshine. From there it was all hanging out with Rory and a bunch of his/our friends for the rest of the night and being silly.

[[ saturday backyard time. ]]

Me, Megan, Pat, and Tony grabbed some breakfast in the morning and then spent the day outside in the backyard soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the warm weather. Me and Megan went for a long longboard ride, and the boys busted out the mini-pools and strawberry margaritas. The rest of the day was  BBQ,  friends,  and sun, and by the end of the day I was exhausted. It was a great weekend.

((( I have pictures from Sunday too, but I want to put them in their own post. )))

I have a ton more photos from 80s night to post tomorrow! 
Plus a bunch from Rory's going away party for Thursday...
And, I have a post to do about a certain celebrity that me and Tiff randomly stumbled across at the mall...