Friday, May 11, 2012

the avengers

Last night after work I met Pat and his friend Alex for some Happy Hour Cloud & Kelly's before heading to the theatre to purchase an over priced popcorn and to watch The Avengers. 

All three of us really liked it. 
It is interesting how they have been leading up to this with all of the individual character stories to establish their backgrounds and intent, and I believe they plan on making more of them as well (Iron Man III, and another Thor).

With back story out of the way, the entirety was pretty much all action, for example, a 30 minute epic battle scene taking place in NYC. I was also surprised at how funny the movie was, I am sure thanks in large part to the Tony Stark character. Compared to some of the other Marvel movies I have seen (*cough* Spiderman III, the last couple of the X-Men series including the reboot, and pretty much every attempt at The Hulk ever *cough*), I thought this one was easily one of the best. I also really liked the first Iron Man, probably still my favorite. And in case you are wondering, of course I have seen every single Marvel & DC comic turned movie made within the past decade... I am engaged to a nerd after all, so I know what I am talking about. :)

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Side notes: 
First, If you watch How I Met Your Mother you are familiar with actress Cobie Smulders (Robin Scherbatsky) who to my surprise had a pretty large role in the movie. Good for her, I had never seen her in anything other than the show. Also, can we take a second to point out that she has a seriously bad ass name?! Cobie Smulders... Awesome.

Second, if you go see the movie, make sure you stay until the end (after the credits) because there is a really funny scene that they filmed after the L.A. premier and added in. Schawarma.

Third, I think 3D is stupid and it gives me migraines and they need to stop making every single movie in it and charging way more for it as well.