Thursday, March 29, 2012

glitter banner diy

(Sorry for the lack of original content so far this week, hopefully this post will make up for it).

While Pat was away on a business trip I decided to make a little banner to hang above our bed with some left over glitter from Halloween. I used a "phrase" that is very special to me and Pat for a nice surprise. I was pretty impressed with how it turned out and I didn't have to spend any money at all since I had most of the materials laying around! If you would like to make one, follow the instructions below. Sorry that I do not have better in process pictures, I sort of spaced it at the time.

[[ my completed glitter banner hanging above our bed. ]]

items needed

- card stock paper
- access to a printer
- scissors
- Elmers glue
- a hot glue gun
- glitter (any color of your choosing)
- string/ribbon
- setting spray (optional)
- a vacuum (glitter is messy!)

how i made my custom glitter banner

- Pick a simple font, type out your phrase in all caps, and print. (I wanted my banner to be fairly large, so I made the sizing as big as I could keeping one letter to a page).

- Carefully cut out each of the letters.

- Next take your Elmers glue and a sponge brush, and adhere a generous amount of the glue to your first letter, followed by a heavy dusting of glitter. (Make sure you lay down a newspaper or magazine or something for the mess the excess glitter will make).

- Shake the excess glitter free from the letter and touch up any sparse areas.

- Follow these steps with each letter form and then allow them to dry on a flat surface for at least half an hour. (I let mine sit for about an hour to make sure the card stock had time to harden since the glue has softened it).  At this point you may also wish to spray each letter with setting spray to keep the glitter on even better. I did not think about this step until I had already started hanging mine, so it is definitely not necessary.

- Next move to a large flat area like a floor and spread out each of your letters face down in a mirrored order. Make sure to space them out properly before you begin. (Remember, when you turn the banner over they will display correctly).

- Take your hot glue gun and use a dab or two on each letter to attach your string or ribbon.

- Turn your banner over, hang it up, and admire its sparkly beauty!

[[ a few glimpses into my creation process. ]]