Tuesday, January 31, 2012

weekend wrap-up

This weekend I worked... a lot... on lots of random things. For example, I finally uploaded (most) of me and Pats music onto my new computer, completely organized the iTunes library (so that it is perfect), and got it all on my phone. I had been putting this off for a while because just the thought of going through Zeppelin sounded tedious and horrible. I am not going to lie and will admit that it took most of Saturday evening and almost all day Sunday. I also worked on some design and we cleaned the house.

It was not all work though, I got to go to the gym meet Friday night which is work for Pat, but not for me, and we watched a few movies including Crazy Stupid Love, which I liked a lot. The explanation of The Scarlet Letter is the best part.

[[ osu gym meet. itunes library. my weapon. crazy stupid love images from imdb. ]]