Friday, January 13, 2012

the light

Tomorrow I am going to a service for Dan, my step dads father, who passed away shortly after Christmas. Everyone wants it to be more of a celebration of his life than a wake, but I am still not entirely sure what to expect. I would imagine that regardless emotions will be running high this weekend. I know that some of his friends will be bringing their classic cars over to the house in his honor since Dan was really in to preserving classic cars himself, had quite the collection, and even won several awards.

I was looking for something to go along with this post and found a great quote when I was breezing around on FFFFound. I decided to take the quote and make my own representation of it. I know that everyone is having a tough time right now, and I find this to be extremely relevant, even if it is from a very famous and lovable story. Remember to smile, laugh, and enjoy the moment, no matter how bad things may seem to get, it is what he would want after all. :)

[[ harry potter quote, styled by me. ]]

lots of purple again today. a happy accident.