Thursday, January 5, 2012

a few christmas extras

To wrap up the last of my Christmas posts,  I thought I would show off some of my favorite new things off of my Christmas list or not.

From Pat
Pat got me everything off of my Christmas list, the silly necklace, a new pair of earrings, and even both of the Gnome Enterprises shirts I asked for. I have to switch out the size on the fox t-shirt, but I cannot wait to wear it! The love bunnies I have already worn several times.

From Dad
I got my Urbanears headphones in Pool the color I wanted!! They are better than expected! They sound great, are comfy, seem really durable, and have an awesome volume control/pause button right on the tangle free chord which I love. They also have a port where someone else can plug right in for a listen, and they fold up to fit nicely in a small purse. I also got one of the shirts I asked for from MNKR, "Travel More, Work Less", which looks great in person. If only I could wear it to work...

From Mom
The mirror jewelry box I have been coveting is finally mine! I rearranged everything on top of my dresser to make space for it and it looks so pretty holding all of my little nicknacks. I have wanted this for years but never asked for it. I am happy to have one of my very own now. Sorry Meguenther, I am a copy cat. I also got the gloves I asked for, and me and Pat scored some new books from the Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Collection: The Count of Monte Cristo, Swiss Family Robinson, and a few others. We even got some coffee for our Keurig, and gift cards, (I am using mine to get a hard case/shell for my new computer).

From Leah
I got the most random gifts from Leah, but I love all of them! 1) A Catbird canvas bag. Catbird being the store that I fell in love with when we went shopping in Brooklyn. 2) Sweater shorts... they are shorts... short shorts... made out of sweater material. I have honestly worn them several times already. 3) Toast Coasters. Pretty self explanatory, coasters in the shape of toast, they are the cutest things ever.

From Jenna/Meagan/Stockings
From Jenna, a UO Ducks Tshirt. Rude! Don't be surprised when you get this regifted for your birthday Jenna! HA! This year we decided to draw names for stockings and Meagan (Santa) had mine which contained Hello Kitty socks, a ring, earmuffs, and a pretty beanie. :) I did Jenna's and got her some silly little things from Urban like a super epic twisty straw, party camera, and DIY alphabet banner. Pat had Nic who we got The Abide Guide book, an awesome Hangover bobble head, and a few other things. Pat ended up scoring some Nintendo candy and beer paraphernalia from Johnny, he was a happy camper.

Thank you loves :)


I have a present for Meguenther, and TiffWill, but we have not gotten together yet to exchange them. They are sitting in my office waiting for a get-together.

I also made hexnut fishtail bracelets for my sisters with suede straps. They turned out pretty good, although I never did figure out a proper way to clasp them. Hopefully they like them, I know my little Meagan did, (no surprise there). I still need to make one for myself to photograph.


Finally, here are the extras, some silly photostrips we took with Pocketbooth on Christmas Eve.

[[ photostrips: pat, me, meagan. mom. ]]