Tuesday, December 6, 2011

christmas desires

Christmas is quickly approaching, which means that I have a lot of work left to do! I have a few people covered, but a lot more to go, and since I am making some of my gifts I really need to get moving before I run out of time. Pat has been bugging me to put together a Christmas list for a while, so I figured I should probably oblige. Without further ado... here are some ideas for those who have or will soon be asking. 

((( just like last time, the numbers are links to the items )))

For Pat

1. Gome Enterprises, Fox Tee (Unisex, Regular VNeck, Medium) $28
2. Gone Enterprises, Bunnies Tee (Unisex, Medium) $28
3. Time Turner Necklace 
(nerdiest thing ever, but context aside, I just thought it was lovely) $54
4. Peach Treats (Etsy Shop), Woodland Gauged Earrings (4g)
5. Peach Treats (Etsy Shop), Autumn Suede Gauged Earrings (4g)
6. Peach Treats (Etsy Shop), Foxtails Gauged Earrings (4g) <--- I do not like the blue color, but I like this shape, a gold glittery version could be sweet, or a Faux Malachite like these.

These examples are styles I like, below are some colors, the shop owner can make anything you would like, you just have to convo her to specify. P.S. I like them glazed and shiny. 
(Colors I like --->)

For Dad

1. MNKR, Travel More (Long Sleeve [middle option on website lisiting], Large) $34
2. MNKR, P.S. I Love You (Long Sleeve, Large) $34
3. Dinotopia (Hardcover) $16.92
4. Falling Whistles, The Original $34
5. Q & A a Day $16.99
6. Urbanears Plattan Plus Headphones, Pool (color) $59.95

For Mom

1. Urban Outfitters, Mirror Mirror Jewelry Box $49
2. OPI, Muppet Collection - "Rainbow Connection", the whole collection is pretty good, I also really like "Warm and Fozzie" and "Gettin' Miss Piggy with It" Amazon.com is a good place to look. 
3. Urban Outfitters, Cooperative Fair Isle Convertible Glove ("Green" color is actually Grey) $24
4.  Barnes & Noble, Leatherbound Classics Series - Children's Classics Collection (for Me/Pat) $45
5. Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Series - The Count of Monte Cristo (for Pat) $18
6. KCups for our Coffee Maker. The Wolfgang Puck Hazelnut is our favorite. 
7. Gift Card for Pat, he is saving up to buy a Mountain Hardware Jacket that is pretty expensive... maybe a generic Visa one since he does not know where he will find the best deal on it. I can also always use money if you would rather go that route to help pay for my new laptop.