Monday, December 5, 2011

weekend adventures 45
thanksgiving weekend

This was a nice long four day weekend in honor of Thankgiving! (Much needed I might add).

11/24 - 11/27

As mentioned in my Thanksgiving post, Me and Pat both headed up to my Dads for the festivities. I stayed, and Pat went home after dinner since he had to work the next day.

I had an appointment for my sick computer at the Apple store in Bridgeport village, so I got up, ran an errand downtown, and then headed over. I was pretty early, so I posted up in a nearby coffee shop until Tiff came and met me. We went and ate some lunch at a little bakery and it was delicious. I had a Southwest Cesar Chicken Salad and they had Chipotle Cesar dressing! Oh man was it good! As you all know by now my appointment did not go well and that was pretty much the end for my computer. Reluctantly I agreed to pay and left my computer there, but later changed my mind, decided to shop for a new one, and got it back.

[[ christmas decor. fake snow. tiff. reflection. urban. shoes. zgallery decor. ]]

Since we were already near all the shops me and Tiff decided we might as well do some shopping. We headed in to Urban and explored for a while. My entire closet used to be from Urban shopping sprees, but sadly, I feel like I can no longer afford anything that is not on sale, although it is all lovely of course. But I digress. I did however snap a few pictures of some shoes I want to attempt to DIY very soon. I have faith after my last glitter experiment. We also went in to Mac, Z Gallery, where I got a little something for Pat and Megan, and into Crate and Barrel where I found a little something for me! Gnome Christmas ornaments... the cutest! After a while we said goodbye, parted ways, and I drove back to Corvallis to prepare for adventure number two.

[[ drive home. ]]

friday night
I packed my bags, brought Pat some dinner at work, and after a while we were back on the road heading over the pass to Bend for the rest of the long weekend. We got to Brasada around midnight and I passed out immediately.

Saturday was the Civil War between Oregon State University (the Beavers), and University of Oregon (the Ducks), this is a really big deal if you live in Oregon. Sad to say the Beavers did not really stand much of a chance considering "we" have been playing pretty horrible all season and the Ducks have been killing it. Me and Pat sported our OSU jerseys, we watched, we drank, we lost, we ate, we drank some more. We ended the night with some delicious mini doughnuts and a game of Canasta with Pat's Mom and Step Dad. Boys vs. girls... sadly, the boys won this time.

[[ fuzzy picture of us ready for the game. ]]

It took everyone a while to get going in the morning, but eventually we made it in to Bend for some breakfast before saying goodbye, visiting the Nike and Columbia stores nearby, and driving over to Sunriver where Pat's Dad and Stepmom have been the past few weeks. I found the best snow boots at the Nike store! They are insane... and I have no idea when/where I am going to wear them, but I am pretty excited about their sheer ridiculousness. When we finally made it over to Pats Dads place, we drank some wine and visited before eating a delicious dinner that Sally made. Three words... Homemade...  Lobster... Macaroni... YUM! So good. I cleaned my plate, which is not normal Jenn behavior. We ended the night in the little town nearby for some dessert... mint chocolate chip ice cream in freezing weather? Of course. Since we were so exhausted from so much running around we decided to stay the night and left early Monday morning to head to work.

[[ sweet shoes. goody's delights. ]]

The... End...