Tuesday, December 27, 2011

weekend adventures 47

Weekend Adventures from the long Christmas Weekend! I am going to have separate posts for Me & Pat's Christmas, Christmas at my Dads, and my goodies, as well as a post about the present me and my siblings worked on for my Dad hopefully this week, and some New Years posts next week.

First of all after work I ran to FedEx to pick up my new computer a whole day early! Yay! Later on, Pat, not being able to stand waiting anymore decided that it was time for Christmas presents! I quickly wrapped up his last few stocking stuffers, grabbed my camera, and we began. He got me everything I asked for! Such a good boy. I got him presents suited for a 12 year old boy, but comics and Nintendopoly were what he had asked for specifically. I also got him a nice bottle of Scotch to even it out. I will do a whole post for this tomorrow.

[[ new computer! potter mug from tiff! nerdy necklace. ]]

In the morning I got up determined to work on my hair a bit since I was not 100% sold on the outcome (as mentioned Friday), I will post more on this next week when I get a chance. This took a LOT longer than I expected because I was really going slow to make sure I would not mess anything up! In retrospect, I wish I would have left everything on longer so that it would be a bit more dramatic, but again, that is another story. When we finally left for Portland everyone was off doing their own things, so we stopped by Bridgeport briefly for a snack. Next we headed to my Dad's house to meet up with everyone and relax a little bit before dinner.

We had reservations at a German restaurant downtown called Bruner and everyone came out. One nice thing about having a big family is that you always get the big tables in their own little areas. Me and Pat shared bratworsts and a salad, it was delicious. After a lovely dinner, me, Pat, Leah, and Nic went over to the East Side to a bar called Rose and Thistle where some of Leah's friends were. I was super full from dinner so I just hung out while the boys drank and talked. I want to go back there again, it seemed like a pretty chill little place, plus, they had a creepy Braveheart poster hanging up in the womens bathroom... oh yea. We got home around 2:30 or so and passed out super sleepy from all of our running around.

[[ dinner menu. jenna/meagan. pat/me. leah/nic. jenna/meagan. tahlia/johnny. dad/dest. me/leah. ]]

saturday (christmas eve)
We got up early in the morning, showered, got dressed nice, and started working on the gift for my Dad and Stepmom Patty. I will reveal this later on, but it involved my camera and some black and white photos taken over 10 years ago. After we got these all done me, Meagan, and Pat ran out towards my Mom's place (after a quick pitstop) for Christmas Eve dinner with Deans family at his brothers house in Sherwood. We were doing a white elephant gift exchange and everyone loved the Beaver Gnome that me and Pat brought (score!). Dinner was delicious, and it was good to see everyone. Two of my Mom's siblings were there as well who I had not seen in years, and of course, it is always nice to spend some time with my Grandma Norma who I do not see all too often.

After dinner we went back to my Moms place to open our presents and give mom hers. As I type I am wearing a pretty sweet Ninja Turtle shirt she got me because I was obsessed when I was little. She also got me the mirror jewelry box I have been coveting since I first saw it a few years ago, a few more books for me and Pat to add to our collection, and The Count of Monte Cristo for Pat (one of his favorites!) Thanks Madre. We wrapped up the night by watching Christmas Vacation together before heading back over to my Dads.

[[ driving over to moms. posing in front of the tree, me/meagan/pat. ]]

Every year before bed us kids open up new PJs to sleep in, and then we finish up presents while the parents and little one sleep. This year it was a full house... Me/Pat, Leah/Adil (her boyfriend), Johnny/Tahlia (his girlfriend), Nic, Jenna, Meagan, Destiny, my Dad/Patty, Uno the cat, and evil dog Dodger. Seriously full house.

sunday (christmas day)
I was awake and putting the finishing touches on my presents for my sisters when a little munchkin popped her head in Meagan's room (where me and Pat were sleeping) to tell me that it was "Santa time Jenny!", so I finished up as quickly as I could and headed downstairs. We opened up our presents, and then started making breakfast/lunch (around 1). Omeletts and Mimosas as usual. For the rest of the day we sat around, watched Christmas movies/football/basketball, napped, had some drinks, napped some more, played silly games, ate cookies, cookies, and more cookies, and sat around. Dinner was delicious but made everyone sleepy! It was harder this year with everyone worrying about their significant other, usually the girls end up having a kitchen dance party, but not this year. Instead, Patty busted out bins of old photos and everyone started going through theirs. I was sad because mine was no where to be found, but my Dad and Pat went on a mission and found it! I have the best picture of me and my Dad from when I was first born, I will have to post some of these soon too. Now, if only I knew where all of my little projects from elementary school ran off to.

[[ letter from santa. leah opening her santa gift. pat modeling a shirt. headphones. sweater shorts. stocking. houses. going through photos. turtle power. ]]

Everyone was off doing their own thing yesterday, Leah and Adil decided to go up to the mountain, so me and Pat went to the mall to switch a few things. I ended up meeting up with an old friend I have not really talked to in years at the Cheesecake Factory for about an hour. It was pretty good to catch up with her since we used to be super super close. ...We will have to see if anything stems from that.

We were all going to meet up for dinner, but Leah and Adil were running late, and Pat wanted to stop by his Grandparent's house on the way home, so we said goodbye and took off towards Salem. We visited with his Grandparent's for an hour or so before making our way home, which I know made him happy. P.S. his Grandma makes the best Chexmix! Finally home after a long weekend we unloaded, ate some dinner, and relaxed before bed.