Wednesday, December 28, 2011

pre-christmas gift opening

Here are some pictures from me and Pat opening our presents Thursday night. Pat got me everything on my Christmas list! Thanks babe!! He also got me a new straightener since my old one was real old and falling apart. I got him a ton of comics, Nintendopoly (yes, he asked for all of these), and a special box set of Glenfiddich 12 year which is a scotch he likes. I got a few silly things for his stocking as well, and "Santa" brought "us" (*cough* Pat) a special Lord of the Rings book he has been wanting. (*cough* nerd *cough*).

Please excuse the way I look in these pictures/lack of makeup... prior to celebrating our Christmas together I was having not such a good night.

[[ stockings. to babe from babe. presents under the tree. opening presents. the mess. our  fancy gift tags. ]]

Tomorrow I think I will show off the rest of my new goodies, and some of the things we gave my siblings.