Monday, December 12, 2011

weekend adventures 46

In the past me and Pat have used a fake Christmas Tree that I bought back when we lived in a small apartment, so Friday night we finally decided to go get a real Christmas tree. Unfortunately since we have been so busy we could not go to an actual farm to cut down our own, so we went up the street with Rory and his truck to pick out our tree in the dark. We picked a cute Douglas Fir slightly taller than Pat and nice and full. It was not until we got it inside that we could see we actually picked a nice symmetrical tree. Go us. We took it easy for the rest of the night and decided to save decorating for the morning.

[[christmas trees. harlow nose. ]]

We... or at least I slept in, I mean really slept in. It was amazing. Got up, had some coffee and Peppermint Mocha creamer and decided to make a few paper ornaments for myself while I listened to the book me and Pat are "reading". Poor Pat was on the phone with Apple all morning because his computer was acting up so it took us a while to actually get going. We ran out to get a tree stand and a few more ornaments before heading home for some breakfast/lunch. The rest of the day was spent decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music :) I also had some little pumpkins left over from Halloween that I did not want to throw out, so I spray painted the gold to be Christmas pumpkins... its a thing... I promise.

At night Nate and Alicia came over and we went over to Murphey's for some dinner and drinks before coming home and having some more drinks. It was nice to just have an entire Saturday to ourselves at home for once. It had been a while.

[[ coffee. christmas candle. the tree! making more ornaments. the loot. cinnamon. gold pumpkins. candy canes. painting. seasonal brews. my love. ]]

Pats family recently started a tradition of going shopping one day since we are never together for Christmas, this way we pick out a few things and have some food together. So, Sunday morning we had to get up super early to meet everyone in Salem for breakfast before heading up to Washington Square for the day. I think the boys had the most fun trying on things they would never actually wear, and I found the best monster hat I probably should have purchased. P.S. I really want those Sperrys, those are sick! Expensive too. And some day I will own some nice sunglasses. I got a new perfume though, Daisy by Marc Jacobs (among other things), I am pretty excited about it. Pat got a sweet watch and some new sunglasses. After we were all finished we went to Red Lobster for dinner where Pat literally ate an entire lobster himself... I had never even seen one before. It was nuts. Of course we had to wear the bibs... classy.

[[ trying on sunglasses. canadian tuxedo. haydens sweater. poster tshirt. sweet sperrys. gold glitter shorts. daisy. monster hat. disco shirt. my goodies. lobster dinner. ]]